Why You Should Master Candid Photography

Why You Should Master Candid Photography

As we know that candid photography is taking photographs without creating a posed appearance, the subject is a person or people. Candid Photography can be found in the many street photography photo because what we truly after is the natural and honest moment that we captured will be different, unique and never be the same. That’s why in my opinion Candid Photography along with street photography is the most honest and unique art in the world of photography.

So why you should master candid photography?
First, it will train your instings and also your eyes surround you, you will be very sensitive around you in term of how people react with others with their pose and body,  and your mind, imagine the composition which one will be the best, you just try to shoot any moment from your subject, close or far. If you practice this as often as you can, you will master the candid photography. I suggest to start shooting on the street, be around people and shoot many moments. You’ll be surprised with the result.

Second, buy Photobooks and do not invest too many in gear. Photobooks are great way to be inspired too and you will appreciate more about other photography, especially in candid photography and street photography, my first Photobook was Henri Cartier Bresson, he was the master of Decisive Moment, and my most favorite Photobooks was from Elliot Erwitt and Alex Webb, their work is beyond my imagination and mind blowing.

And third, start shooting now, get up, grab your camera and open that door. Go out in the street, just walk and walk, find your decisive moment and unposed moment.

Candid Photography is a set of skill to sniff out the best moment from your subject, this will be useful when your client hires you for wedding photography or documentary photography.