Why Do You Need Photography Classes

Why Do You Need Photography Classes?

Photography today is at best, many people can take good pictures. The camera can be bought in cheap, and through Smartphones anyone can take good pictures. Even my 5 year old niece can take a picture. Just that easy. But do you know how many can create pictures?

Taking pictures is easy? Not everyone can create a picture. Can you understand the difference?
Taking a picture is just pressing the shutter, done. But creating a picture? It’s a whole new set, there are many factors, rules and composition. That’s just the basics. So, do you still need photography classes?

Here are three reasons why you should consider photography classes:

  1. Mastering Your Camera.
    You can’t just press the shutter, you need to learn some basics. If I’m talking about a smartphone camera you need at least know some photography rules such as composition, rule of third, focusing, angle and much more. If you have DSLR Camera, you need to master how to operate the camera such as setting for exposures, ISO, aperture and many others.
  2. Added New Skill to Your Life.
    I promise you, once you learn photography and really dive into it and I suggest you dive very focus on one style of photography. You will have the skill set of a lifetime. For example, if you mastered the documentary photography you might have a very good family documentary of photographs of your own that can be held down maybe forever with your name as the photographer. Well, this is my aim to be honest, I’m trying to be a great photographer for my own family, someday I will create a photo book just about my family.
  3. Information about photography is already out there on the webs, you can learn with the help of Google, its way cheaper and we can set up our own pace to learn, but how much time do you spend? Learning by doing, by yourself, trial and error, experimenting etc. If you have the time it’s fine, I’m also learning from the internet for the first time I got my camera, it’s not wrong. But it is wise if you can take one or two photography classes, you can speed up your knowledge and skills of photography, it also can give you more credibility.

The best thing about taking photography classes is you can have more friends with the same passion, networking in classes, who knows maybe someone you meet can help you in life in the future. Let’s just say it’s FUN!