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3 Important Tips for taking Portrait in Street Photography

3 Important Tips for taking Portrait in Street Photography.

Street Photography has been really developing around the world, many great living street photographers as we know that we can take lessons from, such as Bruce Gilden, Joel Meyerowitz,  Nick Turpin and many more, are taking a portrait in street photography.

Here are the three main lessons for taking Portrait in Street Photography:

  • Be Close to Your Subject.
    Taking Portrait in Street Photography are very much challenging, set aside about being invisible in the street or hit and run shoot. You’ll never get the best portrait with that in mind.
    You have to be spontaneous, hardcore, brave and of course the eye of a street photographer. When you shoot you have to be very close to your subject. To avoid any conflict with your subject on the street you have to smile, create a small conversation and introduction after taking the shot, ask if your subject not having a problem with him/her being taken shot, if they’re not happy or angry about it, explain that you will erase the photo and will not use it for any purpose, or you can ask for her/his address and send the photo print.
  • Develop or Edit.
    Either using film or digital, developing to find the best photo are necessary. If you are using film you can try experimenting in a dark room until you find the best print for your photo, contrast balance and color depth. If you are using digital you can use Photoshop or Lightroom to edit your photo, don’t overdo the editing process because it will only create unnatural result and you want your photo to be honest as they can. It’s the only thing and purpose in Street Photography, honesty.
  • Use only fix lens.
    Of course, many street photographers using  fix lens, why? Because it keeps them constantly in result and style. Try adding with flash on on your camera. But you have to be very brave just like Bruce Gilden. Ready to be confronted at.