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5 Steps to Create Amazing Boudoir Photography

5 Steps to Create Amazing Boudoir Photography

First of all, what is Boudoir Photography?
Boudoir Photography is one of portrait styles in photography, its new sexy trend and popular mostly in wedding photography. Boudoir Photography is a common portrait session, but with a purpose to expose the inner and outer beauty of the body of the subject by using minimum outfit or nothing at all. So it can create an intimate, romantic, and sometimes erotic to its viewer.

So, how can you create an amazing Boudoir Photography that can blow your viewer mind and soul?

Start your preparation before the day of the photo session. Boudoir Photography shoots will be very intimate naturally, and can be very intimidating for your subject. You need to extremely create a communication so you can build a trust. So if you already comfort and have trust between the subject and photographer then it will come out in the final images.

  • So, how to create comfort and trust through communicating with your subject, here are some essential tips:- Give a questionnaire to your subject prior to photo session to help her organize her thought about the photo shoot. Ask about how she would like to flaunt in her images and how to envision the process as well as the final photos.- Avoid communicated by email too much. Face to face conversation is a must because it will build trust and comfort, they will get to know you too. Let’s be honest people tend to like, to be having a conversation directly rather than through social media right? So, Build your trust.- A day before the photo shoot, you can call her and ask about if she’s ready and check again if there’s anything miss. Also, let her know that you will be very excited about tomorrow photo session with her, it will be great, amazing atmosphere with you, I can’t wait to get your best result, so on and on…
    One of the essential things to be looking at is the styling. What’s your subject will be fitted with and try to discuss this first. Give your opinion, if she brings and wear her own lingerie, how would she look, is she comfort wearing the lingerie or the wardrobe. Or is she choosing without wardrobe and naked all the way? In my experience if you new in this portraiture style of photography you will see along the way that if your subject are comfortable with the outfit they wear in a photo session or not, you can see it in the body language on in their eyes.